2023 Concerts

12 MAY 2022 - Fibbers - Dublin, Ireland

02 JUN 2023 - De Mads - Waalwijk, Netherlands

03 JUN 2023 - Poppodium Volt - Sittard, Netherlands

10 JUN 2023 - Zobens un Lemess Festival, Latvia

04 OCT 2023 - Audio - Glasgow, Scotland

05 OCT 2023 - Trillians - Newcastle, England

06 OCT 2023 - XS Wrexham - Wrexham, Wales

07 OCT 2023 - Energy in Noise Festival - Leo's Red Lion - Gravesend, England

24 NOV 2023 - TBA - Spain

25 NOV 2023 - Ambigú Axerquia - Cordoba, Spain

2022 Concerts

26 MAR 2022 - Sala Utopía - Zaragoza, Spain

22 APR 2022 - De Mads - Waalwijk, Netherlands

08 SEP 2022 - Der Cult - Nuremberg, Germany

09 SEP 2022 - KL17 - Döbeln, Germany

10 SEP 2022 - Alte Brauerei - Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany

30 SEP 2022 - Café de Meister - Geleen, Netherlands

01 OCT 2022 - Oktober Metalfest - Eindhoven, Netherlands

08 DEC 2022 - Bannerman's - Edinburgh, UK

09 DEC 2022 - The Bobbin - Lancaster, UK

10 DEC 2022 - Red Lion - Gravesend, UK

11 DEC 2022 - Trillians - Newcastle, UK





Theigns & Thralls is the brainchild of Skyclad’s vocalist and songwriter Kevin Ridley. Originally, it was intended to be an ‘occasional band’ to perform songs from the writers back catalogue (Skyclad songs, solo album songs, covers etc) working around Skyclad’s touring plans. However, early in 2020 the global pandemic struck, and everything changed.

Being stuck in lockdown, the project became a collaborative recording project building on a few demo ideas. At first, friends were contacted to add a bit of violin here and a whistle there. But then things gathered momentum and friends of friends were also asked and players across Europe were asked to contribute. The response was, to say the least, overwhelmingly positive and, in the end, twenty-five musicians from bands such as Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Cruachan, Waylander, Celtibeerian and Metal De Facto as well as solo musicians (new and old acquaintances) contributed everything from drums, bass, guitar, violin, whistles, bagpipes to hurdy gurdy and vocals.

The name Theigns & Thralls (which basically means master and servant) was settled on and it was also decided to make an eponymous album, so that Theigns & Thralls was the band’s name, the name of the album and also the name of one of the songs. This was to help clarify the band’s ’mission’, Theigns & Thralls is where history, literature and humanism come together for fans of Celtic Punk, Folk-Metal and Classic Rock. It is, essentially, a vehicle for the writers’ love of these things.

Having completed the songs for the album – with a few interesting bonus tracks to include remixes and acoustic versions – another exciting thing that came out of the lockdown situation was that the players were asked provide photographs and videos of their performances so that they could be compiled for a video for the song ‘Drinking’ (the band’s first single release).

After putting out the album and videos, the next phase was to put together a ‘touring band’, not only to do what was originally intended (to play back catalogue songs) but also, to perform the new original songs - perhaps with a few guest artist appearances - and to become a force in their own right. The line up of the touring band is currently, Kevin Ridley (Skyclad) – Vocals/guitar, John Ryan (ex-Cruachan) – Violin/vocals, Dave Briggs – Guitar/whistle/vocals, Arjon De Valk – Bass and Mike Verhof – Drums.

Kevin Ridley

Vocals, guitar, mandola.

From Northumberland, England. Other bands include Screen Idols, Forgodsake, and Skyclad. The vocalist and guitarist for Skyclad is now also the main songwriter, vocalist and guitarist for Theigns & Thralls. Kevin has been known to enjoy a glass of fine wine or craft beer but nothing more serious.

John Ryan

Violin, cello and backing vocals.

Lives in Dublin, Ireland. John played with Cruachan for 16 years and now plays with Ériu. John has also recorded with Borknagar, Metsatöll and Ghost Bath.

Dave Briggs

Whistles and percussion

From Lurgan, Northern Ireland. He plays tin whistle, Irish Bouzouki, Irish Bodhran, guitar as well as doing vocals. He recorded whistles and added some bodhran to five tracks on the Theigns & Thralls album at his Stone Circle studio in Northern Ireland. Dave plays with the bands Waylander and Rule of Six, and we are pleased that he will be joining Theigns & Thralls as part of the touring band.

Arjon Valk

Bass guitar and backing vocals.

From Haarsteeg in The Netherlands. He also plays with the band Merichane. Arjon has spent half of his life as roadcrew for Skyclad and Satan. He is a big collector of rare basses and vinyl.

Mike Verhof


From Waalwijk in The Netherlands. Mike plays drums with Theigns and Thralls as well as Phoenix. Mike is a drum teacher at Music'scool and is an avid windsurfer.